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Our site offers some courses of piano and a piano method online designed by a classical pianist. To learn music theory and playing the piano, interactive applications complete our program. You can learn piano classical and music theory at home, at your own pace. The site is available 24/24. To study the piano online , simply open the course of piano and let yourself be guided by your teacher, Frédéric Bernachon who accompanies you with patience in your piano lessons. We offer a pedagogy and a unique learning cycle, linear, designed by a classical pianist, professional teacher. Our piano lessons are supplemented by scores of piano and a booklet of learning available for free and can be downloaded. The course of piano in HD format and can be viewed on all media: PC, Mac, tablets, iPADs.

Piano method pianist for Kids 2022

A pianist offers you the free use of the method he uses to give the best online piano lessons for kids 2022! You will learn many things about how to play the piano but in addition you will find things in a progressive order! No more scattered lessons… A pianist delivers order and gives you a complete follow-up… from the Beginning!

TUTORIALS VIDEOS – Learn and Master Piano Review

You already know the piano?  You just want to learn new fun pieces or techniques of improvisation as well as exercises to improve your fingering? A ride on the page of the tutorial videos to Unpianiste!

Start the piano with the best bases For Your Child

Welcome to start the piano. I am Associate professor of music, former professor of theory and piano and publisher of scores.

There are many of you who do not have the opportunity to take piano lessons with a particular teacher. The reasons are different: you are not young enough to join a music school, you do not have the budget, you are not sure to be able to follow a regular rhythm of work, you live in an area where it is difficult to find a teacher… I propose to be your teacher for a year. Of course, I won’t be able to be there physically, otherwise the very high cost problem would be the same. This is the reason why, I offer these online courses, for the price of a book.

This may be the first time we’ll be honest with you and I’ll always be. If you work well, in my company, in a year, you will have the level of a student at the end of the first year of piano. Hence the title of this website. I could have called it “piano lessons” and promise you that you will play what you like in 20 lessons. I chose something else.

Piano lessons that are part of the program “beginner” were specially designed for adult beginners with no experience of the classical piano or for adults who want to return the piano more than 700 video sequences have been grouped into 124 progressive courses covering from 0 to 3 years of piano. This online piano method will guide you through the pieces you are going to learn to play piano and solfège exercises of increasing complexity, carefully designed to be always understandable by beginning students. These are essentially based on repetition and understanding. They allow you to learn classical piano in all its subtlety and musicianship.

Our piano lessons program is linear, progressive and comprehensive, the explanations are clear and precise, all exercises and piano partitions are printable. No chapter is missing to learn the piano: reading notes, octaves, the decryption at the pianosolfege for piano, the position of the hands, the pedals of the piano, piano technique, virtuosity, the interpretation, nuances… The greatest classical composers are studied: Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Handel, Bach, Schumann, Schubert, Clementi… Each course of piano can be reviewed as many times as you need. No teacher alive would have this time for you; You can also ignore parts if you wish.